Monday, April 19, 2010

This week's best deals and coupon matchups!

Rite Aid
  • Kellogs cereal 8ct. Pop Tarts 1.99 on sale 1.00 off wyb2 PWP or in the "save $5"cereal box inserts
  • Huggies 8.99, 1.50 off PWP (previous week's paper)

Dollar General

  • Perdue oven stuffer BOGO
  • Pepsi 2ltr 10/$10
  • Thomas Eng. Muffins BOGO
  • Sara Lee bread, BOGO
  • Digorno 12" 2/$11, 1.00 off ISP (in sunday's paper), or
  • Hersheys pouch 2/$6 1.00 off ISP
  • Bugles/Chex mix 2/$3 50cents off PWP (martins doubles coupons which makes this 50cents!)
  • Tide/Gain 8.99 1.00 of PWP
  • Ragu 4/$5 must buy 5
  • Natures promise carrots 2/$3 (if you look up your local circular on and click on the items you want to create your grocery list, when you print it you will get a 1.00 off any natures promise organic item. I used it for the carrots that were on sale and bought them for only 50 cents.)
  • Mccormick Grillmates 79cents on sale, 1.00 off wyb2 ISP or 50cents off of one at which makes it FREE cause martin's doubles coupons under 1.00. (I bought three and used both coupons and spent only .58 cents for three!! We love to grill so this was great for the spring and summer months to come!)
  • Lawry's Marinades 2.19 1.00 of wyb2 ISP or .50 cents off 1 at
  • Cottonelle Tp 5.99 1.00 off ISP or
  • Sargento cheese 2/$3 1.00 off ISP
  • GE energy smart light bulb on sale for 1.49, 1.00 off ISP
  • Scott paper towels 5.99 1.00 off ISP

  • U by Kotex pads, cvs coupon at and stack with 1.00 off manf. coupon ISP
  • Rimmel BOGO 1.00 off ISP
  • Bio Oil save 2.00 in store, 2.00 off ISP
  • Ban Roll on 4.29 .40 cents off ISP
  • Pampers 21.99 1.50 off PWP, 3.00 cvs coupon in current parents magazine, receive 5.00 xtra bucks reward
  • Kotex 5.99, 1.50 off wyb2
  • 99cents reusable grocery bag and 99cent bag tag, use these every time you shop at CVS and receive 1.00 xtra bucks on every fourth visit.

  • 99 cent reusable bag, receive 5cents off every purchase when you shop with your bag.
  • Large twin pack of Cherios and Lucky Charms cereal for 4.99, find 55cents off for each at

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Keep On Couponing!