Monday, May 31, 2010

New Savings

Well last week was a bust with the coupon matchups and I think this weekend is as well. Now if you have a great stockpile you are doing fine but if you are still "stocking up" it's rough, at least if you are getting the paper that I have bought the last two weeks. Not many coupons at all. So here are a few shopping trip examples of what savings I have been sifting out lately.

Last weekend I went to CVS and needed infants ibuprofen. I do buy store brand and have never had a recall and from what I understand they were exempt from the latest children's medicine recall. (please correct me if I am wrong!!) Anyhoo as all you mom's know all too well the infant ibuprofen can be a bit pricey, even the store brand so with this in mind I browsed the ad to see what would make it cheaper for me and this is what I found. Aussie hair products were 2.99, with 2.00 extra bucks in reward. I had a 2.00 off coupon. So I purchased my Aussie conditioner and only paid out 99 cents and received 2.00 back. With this I purchased my 4.97 infants ibuprofen, the CVS brand and paid 2.97. Add that up and it is a whole dollar cheaper than if I would have bought the medicine alone!!! CRAZY Soo... if you need something that is not usually on sale and has no coupons there are ways to shop and have something else pull the cost down for you. Another example is one from today, I went to CVS for makeup, I was out of my CoverGirl foundation and I had a 1.00 off coupon. I also needed Pantene's new shampoo and conditioner for specific hair types, this I had a 2.00 off and it earned me 2.00 back. I purchased my Pantene products first and then put my 2.00 extra bucks and my coupon towards my second purchase for my makeup. And there you go!! more savings for what I needed.

My Martins trip today went great as well. If you got your weekend paper you would have seen the two store coupons for both festive cups and Sara lee rolls. Making the festive cups only 50cents and the rolls only 1.50. Next I had a .50 cents off any colgate toothpaste, some of the Colgate toothpastes were only 1.00 and my .50 cents was doubled to equal FREE. I also had a .75cents off any Colgate toothbrush and found a dora toothbrush for 2.50 which after doubling only made it a dollar. And Last Purina cat chow for 3.89 with 1.00 off and Betty Crocker microwaveable cake bowls were 1.59 and I had a .75 cents off coupon which doubles and makes them only .9cents!!
My next post will include my favorite websites to find freebies and great coupons!!!
Happy Sassy Shopping!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sewing up some Sassy Savings ideas!!

Whenever spring hits, it is a time of getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, especially with clothing. And now that it is summertime, if you are like me there is still a lot of reorganizing that can be done. Well as you and I know all too well, especially in today's world, it can be tough for a family to provide new clothing every time the season changes. Now I am not saying never to buy any new clothes, that would be sad and depressing. I am just learning how to supplement that idea by reusing what is not already too worn. A few weeks ago I decided to hem some of my daughters fall clothes to meet her spring/summer needs. Mostly all Pj's I borrowed my Mom's sewing machine and went to work. I first cut legs and arms off of the shirts and bottoms to make shorter sleeves and shorts. Then I folded them under and sewed it into place and TA DA!! New summer PJ's that cost me ZERO!! Yay!! I did this with a pair of her worn out pants as well they were too short and had become very worn in the knees. These will not be her "Sunday best" shorts to go out and dress nice in, but they are great for a day around the house playing in the sandbox and going for a neighborhood walk.

Another adventure I took on was making my own slip cover for my daughter's t.v. chair in the living room. She has a small chair, just her size, that she has had for a few years now and has become stained from the random juice and cookie spill. Therefore after much scrubbing with no progress, I had decided to take a trip to the fabric section of Walmart and pick out the material I thought suited our living room best. Then I went to work with no pattern, pins or directions just my eyes, hands and Mom's sewing machine. It is not perfect by any means but It does the job.

You can take this idea virtually anywhere around the house I suppose. I have heard of people making curtains out of sheets, putting patches on the knees of play jeans and making new accent pillows to brighten up an old couch. Whatever you may think your house is in need of, there is a way to save by doing it yourself. Now I don't propose that we all turn into "Little House on the Prairie", cute show but no thanks. But it can be fun to get creative and look for an alternative idea to just going out and buying brand new. : )

New deals and coupons!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was pretty busy with my sister's graduation and some random other family appointments and errands. I'm worn out but still going! My kids see to that for sure : )

Great deal this week on Giant split chicken breast BOGO!!
Oscar Mayer beef franks, BOGO, and 1.00 off wyb2 ISP or at
Oscar Mayer Shaved Deli meat, 3/$10, 1.00 off wyb2 ISP or at
Post kids cereal 3/$5, 1.00 off wyb2 ISP
Snuggle fabric softener 2.99, 1.00 off wyb2, ISP
Ball Park franks, BOGO, 1.00 off wyb2, PWP

Scott paper towel 6 pack, 4.99, 1.00 off PWP
CoverGirl makeup sales, 1.00 off any product or 2.50 off wyb2 ISP
Pro Clinical Toothpaste 3.99, 1.00 off ISP, earn 2.00 rewards Its like buying it for 99cents!
Listerine 4.99, 1.00 off ISP
Herbal Essences or Aussie Shampoo/Conditioner/styler 2.99, 1.00 off herbal essences or 2.00 off of Aussie earn 2.00 in rewards!! great deal here!!
Huggies 18.99, 3.00 off !!

Make sure you separate your purchases if you are buying something that earns rewards. For example if you are buying the pro clinical toothpaste and some shampoo, let that purchase be separate, in order to put your rewards to something else like the huggies and then you would have the 3.00 off coupon plus 4.00 cvs reward bucks making your huggies only 11.99!! for 56-96 diapers (depending upon the size you need)

Toys R Us
Their flyer has two coupons on the back of it for diapers and wipes the Huggies,Pampers or Babies R Us brands. Buy any two of the diapers and receive $10 gift card and buy any two brand of wipes and receive a $5 gift card. Use your huggies coupons from to stack on these store coupons and save even more!!

Little swimmers diapers stack a 1.50 Target coupon from with the 1.00 off ISP
Huggies 19.99, earn a $5 gift card when you buy a pack and use your 3.00 off from
Oscar Mayer, stack their buy 3 get on free coupon from with the coupons from Sunday's paper(ISP) or from

Good Luck and Happy Sassy Shopping!

Monday, May 10, 2010

This week's deals at CVS!!

So I had a great find at CVS yesterday. I love it when you need stuff and one half of your shopping trip pays for the other!!
For a total of only $10 out of pocket I purchased,

2 multi shade Cover Girl eye shadow compacts
1 package of Huggies diapers
Always pantyliner
U by Kotex pantyliner
"5" by Wrigley's pack of gum

Here is how I did it...
1st purchase:
Huggies 8.49 with 2.00 reward and 1.50 coupon from last weeks inserts
U by Kotex was 4.99 with 4.99 reward I had 1.00 off manf. coupon from previous week and 1.00 off CVS coupon from .
Always pantyliner were 10/$10 and I had a 1.00 off from this weeks coupon insert made them FREE
This made everything only $10 and I had 6.99 in CVS Reward bucks so then ...
2nd purchase
2 Cover girl eye shadows, 2.50 off coupon wyb2 from last weeks insert (one was a triple color and one a four color)
1 pack of 5 gum
Paid for this with my reward bucks!!!
That means I only spent $10

Other great deals at CVS include:
Kellogg's cereal 1.88 ea.! Use last weeks coupon from for 1.00 off wyb2. I think they may still be running this one so check it out!!
Purina cat and dog food 4.99, 1.00 off last week from
Clearasil 1.00 off ISP (in Sunday's paper)
Hawaiian Tropic sun lotion, 9.99, 5.00 reward bucks and 1.00 off from last week's inserts
All Cover Girl Lip BOGO, 2.50 off wyb2 from last week's inserts
Various contact solution 14.99, 3.00 reward bucks, 1.50-5.00 off ISP

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two cheap and Sassy ideas for kids

So the first idea for my four year old that I came up with this week was to let her "cook" in her kitchen with some dry cereal. She is always wanting to use water and that just gets EVERYTHING way too wet. So I suggested cereal. Now this may seem like a waste but if you think about the ends of the cereal boxes when they are almost but not quite gone and no one really wants to pour out a bowl cause it wouldn't fill it up enough. Yeah that's the stuff ya give them. So I had some random bags of about a half a cup each of old POPs and Smacks cereal and this kept my oldest happy for about an hour!! YAY

The second and last idea was for a birthday present. We had bought some brown wrapping paper to decorate ourselves. This is usually cheaper than the fancy stuff and can be found at the dollar tree. Well I saved my money to spend it on the present and had my four year old decorate some paper to wrap it up in. We also cut out a card, she decorated that as well and I cut some strips and gently swiped the blade of my scissors down them a few times to get them to curl. This added the finishing touch of the bow and TADA! Pretty present, not a lot of money spent. You may also use the funny paper or even left over tissue paper to wrap a present and best of all the next time you receive presents in pretty bags, KEEP THEM and reuse them. As long as they aren't all crunched up they will be good as new and you are saving money so that you can put more towards the present AND you are helping the environment by reusing and recycling! Happy Sassy Saving to YOU!

New place to shop for more Sassy Savings!!

My mom has recently discovered an awesomely, beautiful and frugal decor store! She introduced me to the Hobby Lobby today and I was in heaven. They have wonderful household wall decor, stands, lamps, accent pillows, candles, frames etc. In all different themes for every room in the house including the kitchen, bath, living and boy's and girl's rooms. It was a great time browsing I must say. I came away with a great steal and found the two wall hangings for only $5 a piece!! They have some pricey items and some very frugal. No matter what your wallet or mood brings they can add a bit of style to your house for just a little bit of cash : ) Want to check it out online and get some of their sale ads and coupons, go to ! Happy Sassy Shopping everyone!

Monday, May 3, 2010

CVS matcups

I'm focusing on CVS this week for two reasons, there are more matchups for cvs and, I lost my Martin's notes : ( sorry. But do remember Martins/Giant, are still doubling coupons!


Tide 5.97, 1.00 off ISP (in Sunday's paper)
Metamucil 4.99, 3.00 off ISP
Russell Stover candy, BOGO, 1.00 off ISP
Dawn dish detergent .97 cents, .20 cents off ISP
Clairol Natural Instincts 5.97, 2.00 off ISP
Bounty 6.49, 1.00 off ISP
Always pads 2.97, 1.00 off ISP
Kellogs cereal 2/$5, 1.00 off wyb2,
Folgers coffee, 2/$5, 1.00 off wyb2 PWP (previous week's paper)
Listerine 3.99, 1.00 off and 2.00 in reward bucks!
Downy 3.99, 1.00 off ISP
Covergirl cosmetics BOGO 50% off , 2.50 off wyb2 ISP, or 1.00 off any one covergirl product.
Olay products 1.00 off ISP
Covergirl lash blast mascara 9.99, 1.00 off ISP, and 2.00 reward bucks!
Venus Breeze razor, 8.49, 6.00 in reward bucks and 3.00 off ISP
Secret deodorant 2/$8, 1.00 reward on 2, 1.00 off ISP
Nivea body wash 4.88, 4.00 off ISP (take this coupon to Walmart instead and get it for FREE)
Pampers 19.99, 5.00 reward bucks, 1.50 off ISP

My Sassy freebies I found today were 2 Sobe lifewaters, thanks to kitty at who links you to a BOGO coupon to use at CVS which is having a BOGO sale, which equals FREE drinks!! woohoo thanks KITTY!
Also a free regular Rita's Italian ice, from the Sunday paper. This coupon was not in the inserts it was within the paper itself on the local business coupons page.
And a free Nivea body wash from Walmart, I used the 4.00 off coupon from this Sunday's paper and got it for free because the price was less than 4.00!!!
Great day for Sassy Saving!!! Happy Sassy Shopping to you!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sav-A-Lot sassy savings!!

Go to .com and join their smart shopper club to receive special offers like a $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase etc. Remember to look at their local add to see if you have any coupon matchups from your stockpile of coupons and present them to the cashier AFTER you give them your $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase. Good luck!!

Keep On Couponing!

Keep On Couponing!