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This is a new thing for me as far as adding "pages" to my blog.  I am always on a hunt for a good meal that tastes great and costs little to nothing!  One of my favorite cooking methods is the crock pot.  Just pour the stuff in and it does all the work for you.  So here is my fam's fav BBQ that I love to make. Super Easy

BBQ or Tacos in the Crock!!
-1 can diced tomatoes OR tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce or even ketchup!  Yup that is what makes this meal so cheap, you use whatever tomato based product you have on hand.
-1/2 cup of your fav. BBQ sauce
-1/2 cup chopped onions and green peppers. (I usually opt for the frozen bag of pepper stir fry in the freezer section, waaay cheaper than fresh not to mention a time saver)
-2 cups of water
-1 pork roast or beef brisket, roast.  whatever you already have or that you find on sale
(quick meat tip: there is nothing wrong with buying meat on discount as long as it isn't expired, portion it out, use it right away or freeze it as soon as you get it home!!) 

Put all this in, I like to cut the meat up into large chunks  and pour all ingredients over top.  You can season your meat before you put it in, with some meat tenderizer, salt, pepper, your fav. rub or just some season all.

Keep this on high for 5 hours or low for 6.  It is done when you can twist meat apart with a fork.  Then I sift out the meat with a slotted spoon, pour out all left over drippings, replace meat, and stir in more of my fav. BBQ sauce.  Put on buns and serve with your fav. side.  Also if this makes a huge amt. before you add the BBQ sauce you can use half of the meat for tacos. by adding taco seasoning to half and the other half keep for BBQ.  All leftovers freeze beautifully just remember to label it because pork and beef BBQ look very similar to the taco when frozen!!

******Oven "Fried" Crispy Chicken!!! YUM YUM

Okay so here is an inexpensive, yummy and quick meal.

You will need:

enough boneless skinless chicken breast to feed whom you need.

half a bowl of light ranch or honey mustard salad dressing (or you can mix them together)

mix of bread crumbs and crushed ritz in another bowl

-heat oven to 350

-spray oven tray with non stick spray

-dip each chicken first into the dressing then into the bread crumb/cracker mix

-place on tray

-bake for about 30min or until centers are cooked through

-serve with salad, pasta, veggie of your choice.

Enjoy!! Super easy, Super Fast and soooo gooooood. This is my fav. chicken right now, and it is an added bonus that it is sooo healthy for you.

****Sweet and Spicy Rub****** (good on chicken and pork)
I love love love this on prok chops on the grill.  It is a perfect blend of sweet and spice.
Start with 4 pork chops or chicken breast halves.
Poke meat with fork
use about 4 tablespoons of brown sugar
1/2 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp black pepper
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp chili powder
mix together and toss in a large ziploc back with meat.  GRILL!!! Enjoy : )

****Quick Cheesy Garlic Bread****

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You may be making spaghetti last minute and not have a biscuit or garlic bread to throw in the oven, or you may not want to spend on the frozen varieties.  Here is a solution to both!!  All you need is butter, cheese (I prefer mozz but you can use any kind), garlic powder/salt, italian seasoning and a few slices of bread.

Butter your bread, add cheese and sprinkle on seasonings, Pop in the oven until toasted and DONE!!
ENJOY! : )

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