Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 2010

Well, this month I have definitely not been on my game as far as posting my best deals and finds. And to anyone who may be actually looking at this blog, I apologize : ) My husband is in the midst of beginning a new job, my daughter is having a tonsillectomy soon and my one year old son is into anything and everything. Therefore I don't have much brain power left over for much else other than cleaning, cooking and all those necessary, monotonous tasks that seem to be unending with a family of four. The best part of this month was the week at the beach. It was great to see the kids on the boardwalk together and to experience the warm sea air with them. By the end of July and August I will be back in full force with match ups, coupon stacking and CVS deal tracking ;)
Now that I got that out of the way, two new things to get into right now are Aeropostale' $5 Tee's and Tanks and Payless flip flops BOGO FREE! Gotta love that! And speaking of the beach, you can still use coupons on your vacations just google your location and put in coupons and you should find a few, especially if you know the restaurants you want to visit. Check out their websites to see if and when kids eat free, their specials and any possible printable online coupons. It's worth it to save a buck or two. Happy Sassy Saving!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Use different zip codes!!!

Yeah that's right, when you log onto your favorite coupon sites and browse which may suit your next shopping trip best, sometimes it helps to use another zip code to search for a few different coupons. For example posted that there was a great .75 cents off coupon for gold fish grahams at Well under my zip code there was no such coupon but under the one she suggested, 90210 up it came!! And the best part is I can take it to Martin's/Giant and they will double that to 1.50 so I'll probably buy it for just a few cents!! Hope this tidbit helps and thank you HIP2Save!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

fav sites to visit for coupons, deals, shopping scenerios and freebies!!!

Okay, so here is a list of all the places online that I like to browse and get updates from ,to get the best shopping deals and coupon matchups. Some of them even show you how to sign up for the best mail in freebies or rebates. This is a picture of some of the newest online coupons I have printed and a few of the freebies I have received in the mail lately.

For just coupons I go to:

For Freebies:
For the best matchups and shopping tips:
these are blogs that are waaay better than mine with hundreds more tips and finds than I can come up with! These women rock! To find a local blogger in your area you can go to and click to see if there are any in your state. : this is a great site for cheap and easy recipes and also gives you the matchups and best strategies for stocking up on staples and grocery shopping.
I hope these sites help you as much as they do me and my family with groceries and such!! Happy Sassy Shopping!!

Keep On Couponing!

Keep On Couponing!