Monday, May 20, 2013

Martin's Deal: Heinz ketchup only $1.27

This week you can get a great price on ketchup!! The weekend paper had three coupon inserts. One was for grilling items such as .25/1 Heinz ketchup.  Pair that ( which doubles ) with the in ad store coupon for $1.77, and you can get this deal when you spend at least $25!  I will definetly be making a trip down the Martin's ketchup isle. My kids use a lot of ketchup!
Keep in mind this is a 38 oz bottle with a regular price of $2.29!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hot Potato! Save A Lot bagged potatoes CHEAP!!

If you happen to be shopping at Save A Lot any time soon, throw a bag of potatoes in your cart as you leave the produce section!! For .99 cents I could not pass this up. I see potato salad in my future for sure ;-)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fruttare as low as $2.50 at Martins!


Print this 1.00 off Fruttare coupon on my tab to the right and head over to Martins and get yourself a frozen treat for only $2.50!  These are Yummy!

$3.00 Lunch!

Have you seen the Buger King coupon booklets?  These are awesome!! Sometimes they come in the mail tucked in a redplum flyer and sometimes tucked in the ads of your Sunday Paper.  Be sure to snag them and pop them in your purse or glove box of your car. That way when you are out and hungry you wont over spend on take out!

The coupon I used today was the $3.00 for ten nuggets and a large fry.  I brought a juice box from the house for my son and I had my Free Turkey Hill soda from earlier! 

This made for a super cheap lunch to take a break from our usual home lunch. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Do you shop at Five Below?  There is one next to Target in Chambersburg, one just down the road from the Hagerstown Walmart and another near the Kohls shopping center in Frederick.  So if you have not been there yet, you'll be able to find one! 

Every year I look for a pair of "crock" like shoes for my kids.  They are great for kids summer play outside, at the pool beach or anywhere.  I found a pair for my son at Walmart a few months back on clearance for only $5.00.  Next I had to find a pair for my daughter.  Between Target, Payless, Marshalls etc.  the average price range seemed to be between $12-$15.00.  This isn't a bad price, but I wanted to see if I could do as good as my son's clearance "crocks". 

A couple of Sunday's ago I was looking through the ads as I usually do and found the Five Below ad that showed that they sell Crocks for $5.00!  Yay!!  So off I went and picked up a good price on a great sandal.  They fit her perfect.  I was looking for pink but they were all out of her size so we went with the purple. : )     If you are looking for a deal on sandals, be sure to make a stop at Five Below!!
Have Fun Shopping!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saving money on containers and sandwich bags!!

The other day as I was about to throw away this cute plastic container, I realized that it could be reusable.  I first thought of my daughter's school lunches.  Sometimes to save on sandwich or snack bags I will find a small plastic ziploc container to put snacks or sandwiches in. This sized butter container would be a perfect snack container and help me save on buying too many baggies for lunches.  I first saved money on the butter itself with a coupon that enabled me to purchase it for only $1.00, and now it's still passing along the savings.  Take a second look at some of the containers you buy, they may save you time and money again later on!! 
Have fun Shopping!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Clearance Crazy!!

I love to shop clearance! The one thing I had to warm up to with clearance shopping is knowing that most all clearance items, especially for clothing, will be last season.  I do not mean as in style, however this could be true as well.  I mean as in spring, summer, fall etc.  Now that is is spring, a lot of the fall/winter wear is on clearance.  I use to not like buying for the future.  I thought it was boring to buy a shirt and save it in the closet for a few months until it could be worn.  But I was wrong!  Once I gave in, because the prices are just too darn good, I quickly fell in love with the idea of it. 

Here are some examples, also shown in pictures.
-Three shirts from Target originally $8.00ea. Now $2.40ea.
-Shoes from Walmart originally $12.00 Now $5.00
- Two pairs of jeans from Walmart originally $9.97ea. Now $5.00ea.

I spent a total of $22.20 + Tax for all of this with a total savings of  $33.74!!!  Had I bought them at full price I would have spent $55.94+ tax.  That is a HUGE savings that I am VERY proud of.
One thing you have to keep in mind when shopping for kids clothes like this, is what size you estimate your child will be the upcoming season.  Infants can be harder to judge, sometimes they can jump a size, so in that case you may want to buy more than one size and than yard sale the one you don't use. OR just buy a bit bigger for sure, cause in my experience it doesn't hurt for their clothes to be a bit bigger than necessary.

You may think, why go through the trouble of clearance browsing?  Why not just go to Goodwill, thrift stores OR consignment shops.  Well Ill tell you this, go and shop there and you will see that you may be able to find a shirt for $3.00 to wear today, but when you get use to finding a BRAND NEW shirt for LESS!  You will continue to scan the clearance racks every season! 

Also I did find flip flops on clearance for $1.97 at our local Target  just a few weeks ago, that my daughter is wearing now.  They must have been last summers leftovers but she gets to wear them now.  Score! 

Have fun shopping!

Keep On Couponing!

Keep On Couponing!