Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free Jeans at Target!!!!!!!

Hurry over the the Target web page and click on their coupons cart.  Then look through the few apparel coupons and print the $5 off any pair of jeans coupon.  (Hopefully they are still there when you get there!! fingers crossed, cause this is a hot freebie right now)  Then run over to Target to browse their ladies clearance jeans. They have loads at my target for 75% off. Which made all of them $4.98!!! And with your $5 off coupon this makes them FREE. Trust me I did this yesterday and scored some free jeans!!! woohoo.  Even if you don't have the coupon, you can't beat jeans for $4.98!!!! (unless you can get them free ; )  )
Just want to thank some of my fav. bloggers for giving their readers a heads up on this fab find. and , and facebook's Target Savers

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Budget Meals Page

So I don't know if I am posting my "extra Pages" Correctly yet, but Ill give it a good try.  I'm putting up my favorite budget meals and I will try to post one per week.  To share and to challenge myself to find even more.  Hope it helps anyone who may be interested in reading them!  (My budget meals Page is listed at the on right side of my blog)

Cheap Chicken

Iconic Puppy GiftCard - $50So as always I'm in search of the best deal.  And I decided to use the $1.50 off when you buy two bags of market pantry frozen chicken at Target.  You may think, chicken? at Target?? Yeah I thought that too.  But it is worth giving it a try right? Of course, especially at such a great deal.  Sometimes they have their chicken nuggets on sale for $4 a bag and when you buy two with $1.50 off it is only $3.25 per bag.  I have also found that sometimes they run a $3.00 off coupon when you buy two making them only $2.50 a bag when you buy two.  In addition to the chicken nuggets they also sell frozen chicken breast and breast tenders. I have bought all three and cooked them multiple ways and every time they come out juicy and tender and just the way you love you chicken! LOL that sounds funny to say but oh so true.  So to get these great coupons head on over to and scroll through.  You can usually print all of their coupons up to two times.  So you can get in on this deal more than once. **quick tip** whenever you print out a coupon you are excited to use, check to see if it lets you print again by hitting the back button twice or just revisiting the site, or re registering another one of your e mail addresses. I have two for these situations.  Cause I just love a deal!!!  
Want an idea for all that chicken?? click here!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Best CVS trip EVER!!!!! All this for $1.42!!!

How to Shop for Free: Shopping Secrets for Smart Women Who Love to Get Something for NothingSo yesterday added up to the best shopping trip to CVS ever! : )   
Here is what I got!

-two packs of huggies diapers on sale for 2/17.98 + receive 4.00 extra bucks when you buy two
I had a 1.50off coupon for one pack and a 2.00off coupon for another that was from

- two Colgate total toothpaste 3.79 + 3.79 back in xtra bucks!! = FREE Limit 2
I had two 1.00off coupons so I actually made 2.00 on this one

-two Herbal essences products 2/5.97 + 2.00 xtra bucks back when you buy two
I had a 1.00off when you buy two coupon

So the total came to 32.00
I handed over my manufactures coupons that I listed above AND I also had $5.00 xtra bucks earned from a previous trip, 5.00 off 30.00 purchase printed out from the "cvs coupon center" And 3.00 off any purchase birthday coupon I received in my e mail inbox. 
Then I paid 15.00 cash
and received back $13.58 in extra Bucks!!!!!!!!  Which means I got all that above for $1.42!!!!

Next of course I did a second transaction to use up some of my bucks, so I picked up 3 Xtra detergents for 1.88ea and 2 boxes of puffs for .88 cents ea. and i still have 6.00 xtra bucks left over to put towards next weeks adventure! If I can challenge my self just enough, Im gonna attempt to roll these left over bucks so that I never have to spend another penny out of pocket.  That is a Hefty challenge.  We'll see ; )   After reading Kathy Spencer's book "How to shop for Free"  I definitely will give it a good try.

Friday, February 4, 2011

My newest Sassy Savings Finds that you can score too!!

So there have been a few random Freebies, Savings Strategies etc. that I have cashed in on lately that I wanted to share.  The first of which is free rental codes for blockbuster and redbox.  I usually find mine from .  They also have some other great fab finds there as well to get in on.

 Also Wendy's is selling a frosty key tag.  They only cost $1 and are good for one free jr. Frosty per item purchased!!!  So here is the deal, I have two kids, I have two key tags now and when I went through the drive through I bought two value fries and recieved 2 jr frosty's FREE!!!  Doesnt have to be a seperate transaction just as long as you buy one item per frosty key tag. (Thanks Linda!)  The money for the key tags goes to St. Judes Children's Hospital so it is a good cause as well.  The other great thing about this deal is that it is good until 12/31/11!!!!!  That is a lot of free frosty's.  And Im in trouble cause I am not far from a wendy's!! LOL
Another great thing I learned this week was about how to shop at rite aid.  Now this may seem silly , just go get your stuff and pay for it right? nah. They have a system similar to CVS xtra care bucks, but theirs are called UP rewards.  So you can make more than one transaction and have the rewards from the first pay for the second just like at CVS.  I LOVE THIS!!!!!   Add your coupons to those sales + rewards and sometimes it comes out free or you even make money.  Well this is stuff I already knew.  The new stuff I learned from the rite aid website was the adperks.  This is where basically you watch different commercials for products you would like coupons for and after you watch them you are eligable to print a rite aid coupon for that item.  Which you can pair with a manufacturers coupon to score even greater savings!!  I LOVE THIS TOO!!!  Go to .  I know I sound crazy but it really is a super fun, great challenge to get what my family needs for such a low price.  These days with my strategic shopping I rarely have to buy generic to save money.  Cause the sale + the coupon is always WAAAY cheaper.  You can do the research or go to my fav blogs, sites that do it for you.  such as  Good stuff!

Keep On Couponing!

Keep On Couponing!