Monday, November 29, 2010

Manic Monday's Super Savings!!

As usual my Monday has been busy and I had a bit of time while Emma was in school to run around and grab some deals at Kmart and Target.  Here is how it went!!!

2 boxes of kelloggs 1.99 ea.  , 1.00 of coupon wyb2
charmin Basic toilet paper, 9.49, Kmart coupon from sunday's paper made it 8.49 plus manf. coupon from sundays paper with 1.00 off.
Caprisun 2/$4, Kmart coupon fr 2/$3

Total spent: 14.48

Target: Did not like my cashier today. Usually they give me no problem when taking my coupons, he tried not to do them because I had a gift card!!!! HA  oh no he didnt mess with this sassy saver, cause he did it anyway!.  Note to self and others. when using a gift card within a trasaction that you also have coupons for, give the coupons first to avoid confrontation with cashier! LOL

2 Clorox travel size wipes 97cents, 2 75cents of coupons from  Here
Pepperidge farm Tim Tam cookies on sale for 2.50, 1.00 off from
Target brand strawberry apple sauce 1.39  (no coupon : (  )
Bananas 19 cents each.  Target coupon for 1.00 off any produce purchase. Yay for free bananas!!!
NYC nail polish, 1.00 off target coupon from and 50cents of instant savings peelie made it only .22cents
Ritz crackers on sale for 2.00 each, target coupon for 1.00 off wyb2, and manf. coupon 1.00 off wyb2 made them 1.00 each!!
Kraft shredded cheddar, 1.00 off of two target coupon at and one manf. coupon 1.00 wyb2 made them 1.00 ea
Cabbage Patch surprise baby 19.99, Had a Target gift card for 10.00!

total spent: 20.12

And last but not least FREE monday coffee at Dunkin Donuts from the frederick news post sunday paper!!


Tonight is pizza night, Jerrys monday large for 5.99, even more savings!

Some of my Target stacker/matchups I found myself and a few at .  One step closer in trying to "shop for free" like the newest savvy blogger I have found this week Kathy Spencer

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Scored lots of deals black friday!!

I was soo excited to go shopping black friday, you wouldn't believe it!!  I love sneaking out and snagging the savings!  I stuck to my list of needs and some wants and only bought what was on black friday sale.  I did my research first because I wasnt going to get up super early for an average priced sale.  Only the good stuff.  Here is how I did!!  (I even used a coupon or two!)

Toys R Us
  • Humidifier $22
  • value wipes $5
  • Chuck the talking truck $16

  • Crayola Glow dome $17 (I have a 3.00 rebate)
  • 3 PJ sets $4 ea.
  • Men's fleece jacket $7
  • 40 pc. rubbermaid reusable locking lids set $9
  • 6volt Handy Manny mini quad  $39
  • Shark steam mop $49
  • 3 womens pj 2 pc. sets $ 10 each, and I had a $10.00 off wyb3 coupon!!
  • 2 womens sweaters $10
  • 2 girls jeans $7 each
  • 2 pillows $4.49 ea.
  • Sheet set $29.99

I also made a clothing trip to kohls for some great nike's and workout wear, which I used my  15% off  savings pass for, and recieved kohls cash at the checkout!!

Total coupon/rebate savings: $25.00!!!
Total gift cards recieved : $20.00!!
And that is on top of all of my great prices!!

Let the Christmas season begin  (I still have a lot more to get!!!LOL)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Only 2 days left until Black Friday!!

I don't know about you but I am just as excited about shopping black friday deals as I am eating some good turkey!!!  Have you mapped out your plan yet? Got your coupons together??  So far I am half done with mine.  I have found most of my black friday coupons from Kitty at  She will hook you up with the necessary Kohls, Bath and body works etc. coupons that you need.  It is very difficult to find good coupons for this amazing day of shopping, because the discounts are already so steap.  But it can be done.  You can google your favorite store to search, check out some great blogs like the one I posted above and get your paper inserts!!  I did get lucky and find a Toys R Us coupon in a magazine that was for $10 off a $75 purchase!! and it doesn't expire until after Black friday!!! Yay.  
My kids need jeans, Pj's and some random toys as well. But I am shopping for myself too! 

So far I will be doing two rounds of shopping one in the evening and another early in the morning.  If the lines are way long in the evening I might not make it back home for a break!!  This is crazy I know, but I enjoy it ; )
Frustrated cause the ads haven't officially been released yet? I was too. Check this out, it will help!!
Good luck!  Go get your shop on!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jerry's Large Pizza, $5.99 on MONDAYS!!

Well today is another busy Monday for us.  Monday is always the busiest day of the week in our house so I have found a great deal to help cure the time crunch for dinner.  Jerry's pizza offers a $5.99 large on Mondays after 3pm.  Toppings are additional but we love cheese so I am thankful for the great price.  Saves me time and money.  So from now on, we will be having Pizza Mondays, as long as this deal still stands!!
Happy Monday!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Something I like to call "Shopping in your closet!"

We all want new stuff right?  Well what we sometimes forget about are those cute little treasures left in the back of your closet that you haven't seen or used in a while.  Now most often this idea works best with accessories like belts, boots, scarfs, jewelry, jackets and PURSES!!!!   So anyway, I needed to switch out my purse that I had been wearing around for a while.  Mostly I just had to clean it out, it was a wreck and thought I might as well pick a new purse from my stash.  I picked my favorite that I bought about three years ago now.  Feels like new to me now though because it has been so long since I used it and it has stayed in good condition.  As it should for the amount I spent on it!!  Don't get me wrong, when I bought this cute piece of coach I was not yet a couponer BUT I was still a bargainer and so I bought it at a Coach Outlet store on double clearance sale.  So I paid a little less than half of it's original price.  (which is still a lot to me!)  But I am thoroughly enjoying it now : )              So go on, go through your closet, drawers and jewelry box, you may rediscover a sassy treasure ; )

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Veteran's Day Freebies!!!

Applebee's Gift CardIf you are military, prior service or a Veteran you can eat free at various locations for Veteran's day!
This is a good site to pick where you would like to get your free meal!!! Just have proof of service and you'll have a full belly for FREE!

November's "Thankful" Sassy Savings so far...

I seriously raked in some great after Halloween savings at Walmart!!!!  I bought two costumes for my kids for next year's Halloween and only spent $12!!!!!  Way less than the regular price of just one of them.  I have already packed them away with my Halloween decor for next year's trick-or-treating excitement!!!

Infant Toddler Boys' Outerwear Circo® Ink 4 In 1 Heavy-Weight Jacket 2TNext, I bought my ever growing son a coat at K mart.  You may think this is last minute on my part but trust me it isn't.  I had 2T "hand me down" coat from his cousin washed and ready to wear, good as new.  But my little man needed a 3T!!!! Yikes, so off to K mart we went for their 40% off deal on all outerwear.  I found a great coat including comfy matching mittens and detachable hood for only 19.99!!!   My daughter's coat was an absolute steal for $0, because of a generous neighbor whose daughter had outgrown her Columbia coat!!  SCORE!  Now mommy is happy and the kids are warm ; )  It feels good to save money and still have everything you need.

Keep On Couponing!

Keep On Couponing!