Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cheap Sassy Snack and drink options.

Hey all! It has been a long week for me with a teething tot and active four year old but I am back in the swing of things and ready to share more of my favorite frugal tidbits. When it comes to drinks and snacks these are daily essentials that can add up quickly. Especially if you have a family to feed. As for the drinks, other than water, the cheapest options are iced tea and Kool Aid. They are very inexpensive. Kool aid has always been a few cents per packet and if you buy the store brand of tea, or find a great sale + coupon your iced tea is cheap as well. I usually go for the naturally decaffeinated tea so that I can drink a glass any time of day and not be wide awake at night. We love to drink it anytime of year. You can make it yourself and set a jug outside in the sun, brew a batch on the stove, or buy an iced tea maker at your local store. I found a Mr. Coffee iced tea maker, pictured above, for around $20 at Walmart and it works great. We go through a pitcher per day so I make iced tea almost every day. It is healthier than soda and a good alternative to water.

As for cheap snack options it is easy to forget about the quick snack size cookie and muffin mixes available in the baking isle. The Betty Crocker mixes usually have many coupons out for at least 40 cents off and if you buy them at Martin's / Giant they will double your coupon and make it a few cents cheaper than their generic version. The same goes for the muffin mixes as well. Another great source of cheap snacks for my family is the clearance bakery rack. Yeah at first I was hesitant but if you check the dates they are usually not yet expired, just close to the sell by date, which means they still have a while till they are no good. We love the vanilla loaf cake slices at Walmart, their sugar cookies and cinnamon swirl bread are great too. I have also found some bakery items on sale just because of a couple of the cookies were cracked. So it is always good to at least give it a look. Good luck and Happy Sassy Snacking!

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Keep On Couponing!