Monday, April 26, 2010

Best CVS purchase yet!! (this weeks matchups too)

I have finally started to get the hang of the whole CVS bucks, and have finally begun to roll them over. Yesterday I had my best buy yet. I ran to CVS with a plan in hand. I had all of my matchup coupons, 1 stacker, and the sales ad. My plan was to make two purchases in order to have the first purchase pay for the second. If this sounds confusing I am going to put a video together later, when another one of these great scenarios come my way, hopefully again next week! So here is what I did.

I had $5 worth in extra bucks from the previous week when I stacked a CVS pampers coupon on a manuf. coupon on top of the great sale. This transaction rewarded me with $5, which I kept for my next shopping trip which ended up to be yesterday. I used my $5 extra bucks and only had to pay 4.00 of my own cash for the first purchase of the small group of items to the left. I had a coupon for U by Kotex from and a manf. coupon from a previous weeks paper, and the U by Kotex purchase earned me $1EB. Then I had a coupon for pro clinical colgate whitening toothpaste which earned me $2 in EB (extra care bucks) and the Soft soap body wash was on sale for 2.99 and earned me another $2 in EB. I only paid $4 cash and received another $5 total in EB's!! I used 4 of the EB's to pay for my second transaction which was a tube of Colgate Total for 2.44 and had a coupon for a 1.00 off from Sunday's paper and a Buy one get one free coupon for Hershey bars, also from this Sunday's paper. But the Hershey bars were buy 2 get one free at CVS for 1.99 ea. so my coupon paid for one, CVS paid for one and I paid for one. And I still have 1EB left over after only spending $4!! So its like I bought all that for only $3!! Cool! If anyone has any questions on how to do this themselves please ask me, I would love to help!



  • Hershey's chocolate bars Buy 2 Get 1free, BOGO ISP (in Sunday's paper)
  • Arm and Hammer laundry detergent, BOGO, 1.00 off ISP
    Lysol cleaning products 2/$7, various coupons ISP
  • Hawaiian Tropic 8.99, 1.00 off ISP
  • Nivea products spend 15 get 5EB, 2.00 off ISP
  • U by Kotex 4.99 earn 1.00 EB, stack 1.00off coupon with PWP(previous week's paper) manf. coupon 1.00 off.
  • Schick Quattro razor 8.99, earn 4.00 EB, 2.00 off ISP
  • Colgate Pro Clinical 3.99 earn 2.00 EB, 1.00 off PWP
  • Huggies wipes 2/$5, .50 cents off PWP
  • Claritin 15.99, various Claritin coupons at make sure to stack the CVS coupon with the manf. coupon to up your savings!
  • Colgate total 2.44, 1.00 off PWP


Remember they double coupons in value under $1!! so I tend to use save the 1.00 off coupons for Walmart because sometimes they have a better average price for regular priced items than martin's unless it is a coupon that can be doubled on top of a martin's sale item.

  • Viola frozen meals 3.99, 1.00 off on the coupon tab at
  • Kellogg's cereal 4/$8 (must buy 4) 1.00 off wyb3
  • Kellogg's pop tarts 3/$5, 1.25 off wyb3 PWP
  • Keebler cookies 2/$5, .55 cents off wyb2
  • Flips chocolate pretzels 2/$3, .50 cents off PWP
  • Pedigree dry dog food 11.99, 2.00 off ISP
  • Whiska's cat food 10/$5, BOGO ISP
  • Arm & Hammer dryer sheets, 10/$10 (remember you don't have to buy 10), 1.00 off wyb2, PWP
  • Lysol disinfectant spray 4.99, 1.00 off ISP
  • Air Wick Mini Freshmatic Kit 5.99, 4.00 off ISP
  • Bertoli pasta Sauce 1.89, 1.50 off wyb2 ISP
  • Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry detergent BOGO, 1.00 off wyb2

Meat deals :
  • Ground beef 80% lean family pack on sale for 2.49lb.
  • Giant boneless skinless chicken breast also on sale 2.49lb.
  • Giant rotisserie Chicken 6.99! and get giant mashed potatoes or mac & cheese free + 2ltr. Coke!! Great Meal Deal!!!

Happy Sassy Shopping!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sassy Saving at Christmas tree shops to decorate your home!!

I love the Christmas Tree Shops store! It is an inexpensive way to make your home look like you spent waaay more on decorating than you actually did. A lot of my newer decor items around the house have come from there. And let me tell you they have been all less than $5!! Now that doesn't mean they have only things $5, and under, I am just a super Cheapo shopper and most times, when I am buying accessories I only buy under a certain price range. So here is the deal with Christmas Tree shops. They have great decor, indoor and outdoor, toys, hair and body products, some household and food supplies and almost any random item you may be looking for in a lower price range than the average store will supply. You can visit their site to get an idea of what kinds of things they have that you may be interested in. I have bought gifts and home accessories, snacks and even shampoo there. Best of all THEY TAKE COUPONS!!! And you know how I feel about COUPONS!!! I have some photos posted of just a few of the items I have purchased from their store in the past. When I last browsed their store, they had some great gardening and outdoor furniture and lighting accessories. Even my 1yr old son Owen loved talking to the table umbrellas with strung lighting. LOL anyhoo, this is an awesome store, so if you want to shnazz up your home indoors and out, get in the car, take a ride and get your Sassy Shopping on at the Christmas Tree Shops!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two new tidbits for this weeks shopping trips!

Thanks to Kitty at, I found that CVS is giving 1 xtra buck per green tag purchase this week and that tag is only 99cents. So it pays for itself. Get yourself a reusable bag and use this tag every time you shop and on every fourth visit earn another xtra CVS buck.

Also found on that when you have a BOGO coupon and you use it on a BOGO sale, both items are FREE! Yes! This is because the manufacturer pays for one and the store pays for the other. Coolness. Happy Sassy Shopping!

Walmart deals!

On my crazy journey to Walmart this week with two kids, I found a couple of good deals along the way. One was a coupon matchup from Sunday's paper of the Hershey's pieces candy. They are on sale for 2.50 and there is 1.00 off coupon from the paper inserts. The other good finds are for drinks. If you are a Pepsi lover like me you'll want to grab their 24 packs for 5.00! Which is a great price and will save you money. Regularly they are $6 + and then I usually opt for a few of the four packs that they sell in the middle isle flats. Cause that will save you 1.00 per 12/24 pack, whichever you prefer. And lastly JUICE!! The great value brand juice, 96 fl. oz. on sale for only $1.50. They are usually $2.00 a jug. You can't do better than this at Sam's. So since I forgot about ten things on my trip to Walmart yesterday I will be heading back for what I need and might grab an extra Juice or two on my way, cause my kids love their JUICE!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

This week's best deals and coupon matchups!

Rite Aid
  • Kellogs cereal 8ct. Pop Tarts 1.99 on sale 1.00 off wyb2 PWP or in the "save $5"cereal box inserts
  • Huggies 8.99, 1.50 off PWP (previous week's paper)

Dollar General

  • Perdue oven stuffer BOGO
  • Pepsi 2ltr 10/$10
  • Thomas Eng. Muffins BOGO
  • Sara Lee bread, BOGO
  • Digorno 12" 2/$11, 1.00 off ISP (in sunday's paper), or
  • Hersheys pouch 2/$6 1.00 off ISP
  • Bugles/Chex mix 2/$3 50cents off PWP (martins doubles coupons which makes this 50cents!)
  • Tide/Gain 8.99 1.00 of PWP
  • Ragu 4/$5 must buy 5
  • Natures promise carrots 2/$3 (if you look up your local circular on and click on the items you want to create your grocery list, when you print it you will get a 1.00 off any natures promise organic item. I used it for the carrots that were on sale and bought them for only 50 cents.)
  • Mccormick Grillmates 79cents on sale, 1.00 off wyb2 ISP or 50cents off of one at which makes it FREE cause martin's doubles coupons under 1.00. (I bought three and used both coupons and spent only .58 cents for three!! We love to grill so this was great for the spring and summer months to come!)
  • Lawry's Marinades 2.19 1.00 of wyb2 ISP or .50 cents off 1 at
  • Cottonelle Tp 5.99 1.00 off ISP or
  • Sargento cheese 2/$3 1.00 off ISP
  • GE energy smart light bulb on sale for 1.49, 1.00 off ISP
  • Scott paper towels 5.99 1.00 off ISP

  • U by Kotex pads, cvs coupon at and stack with 1.00 off manf. coupon ISP
  • Rimmel BOGO 1.00 off ISP
  • Bio Oil save 2.00 in store, 2.00 off ISP
  • Ban Roll on 4.29 .40 cents off ISP
  • Pampers 21.99 1.50 off PWP, 3.00 cvs coupon in current parents magazine, receive 5.00 xtra bucks reward
  • Kotex 5.99, 1.50 off wyb2
  • 99cents reusable grocery bag and 99cent bag tag, use these every time you shop at CVS and receive 1.00 xtra bucks on every fourth visit.

  • 99 cent reusable bag, receive 5cents off every purchase when you shop with your bag.
  • Large twin pack of Cherios and Lucky Charms cereal for 4.99, find 55cents off for each at

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cheap Sassy Snack and drink options.

Hey all! It has been a long week for me with a teething tot and active four year old but I am back in the swing of things and ready to share more of my favorite frugal tidbits. When it comes to drinks and snacks these are daily essentials that can add up quickly. Especially if you have a family to feed. As for the drinks, other than water, the cheapest options are iced tea and Kool Aid. They are very inexpensive. Kool aid has always been a few cents per packet and if you buy the store brand of tea, or find a great sale + coupon your iced tea is cheap as well. I usually go for the naturally decaffeinated tea so that I can drink a glass any time of day and not be wide awake at night. We love to drink it anytime of year. You can make it yourself and set a jug outside in the sun, brew a batch on the stove, or buy an iced tea maker at your local store. I found a Mr. Coffee iced tea maker, pictured above, for around $20 at Walmart and it works great. We go through a pitcher per day so I make iced tea almost every day. It is healthier than soda and a good alternative to water.

As for cheap snack options it is easy to forget about the quick snack size cookie and muffin mixes available in the baking isle. The Betty Crocker mixes usually have many coupons out for at least 40 cents off and if you buy them at Martin's / Giant they will double your coupon and make it a few cents cheaper than their generic version. The same goes for the muffin mixes as well. Another great source of cheap snacks for my family is the clearance bakery rack. Yeah at first I was hesitant but if you check the dates they are usually not yet expired, just close to the sell by date, which means they still have a while till they are no good. We love the vanilla loaf cake slices at Walmart, their sugar cookies and cinnamon swirl bread are great too. I have also found some bakery items on sale just because of a couple of the cookies were cracked. So it is always good to at least give it a look. Good luck and Happy Sassy Snacking!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Break time

Hello all, I have decided to take this week off from coupon matchups, I will be back next week with all the best ones. My husband is away for work and my little one is getting four teeth at once so I'm beat.

But on a side note, here are a couple of good deals, hints to get into this week!

Join Kmart's rewards card program and earn rewards, discounts and get in on their coupon doubling when they post them. I know that last week they doubled coupons up to two dollars in value, up to five coupons per purchase, per day. This meant you could go in once a day for the whole week and take advantage of the coupon doubling!! Super great deal. They will have this again but I'm not sure when.

Martin's has Purdue chicken breast BOGO
Walmart has GM cereals for 2.88 per box, I had a coupon for 1.00 off wyb3. Not the best deal I've gotten when buying cereal but pretty good for a 16oz box.

Hope everyone has a great week sassy shopping and I'll see ya on monday morning with the newest local matchups!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Coupon Matchups for the week of April 5th.


  • Prilosec 24.99, $5 reward bucks, save 3.00 ISP (in Sunday's paper)
  • Pantene 2.99, $1 reward bucks, save 1.00 wyb2 ISP
  • Gllette Mach 3 cartridge bogo
  • Pringles2/$3 save 1.00 on 4 ISP
  • Secret Clinical 7.99, 1.00 off ISP
  • Dawn .96, 1.00 off wyb2 ISP
  • Charmin 4.99, 1.00 off wyb2
  • Tide 5.97 1.00 off ISP
  • Covergirl B1G1 50% off, 1.00 off ISP
  • Clairol Natural Instincts hair color, 5.99 2.00 reward bucks, 3.00 off ISP
  • Olay Pro x 5.00 off ISP
  • Head and Shoulders 4.99, 1.00 reward bucks, bogo ISP
  • Always Pads 5.49 bogo ISP
  • Pampers big pack 19.99, 1.50 off ISP

  • Pamper's Jumbo pack 8.99, 1.50 off ISP
  • Pantene , buy one get trial size pack free, 1.00 off ISP
  • Downy liquid fabric softener 6.19, 1.00 off ISP
  • Cascade 3.99 1.00 off wyb2
  • Charmin 5.99 1.00 off wyb2
  • Tide 10.99 1.00 off ISP

Good deals at Martin's
  • .99 tote of apples
  • jumbo navel oranges 10/$10
  • boneless skinless chicken breast 1.99lb


  • Pantene 2.99, 1.00 off wyb2 ISP
  • Tide 8.99 1.00 off ISP
  • Gain 9.99, 1.00 off PWP (previous week's paper)
  • Charmin 16pk 14.99, 1.00 off wyb2 ISP
  • Bounty 10.00, 1.00 off PWP
  • Folgers 2.50, 1.00 off wyb2 PWP
  • Huggies little swimmers online target coupon ( stackable with PWP coupon for little swimmers.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Two free issues of ALL YOU magazine!!

Hey all! I was doing my routine browse through my coupon sites and when looking at I found that on the top right of their home page they have an offer for two free issues of All You! What you do is sign up for it, and click on "bill me later". And if you don't want the subscription for a year's worth you return the order form with "cancel" on it, and keep your first two issues free! If you are not familiar with the magazine All You, it has a lot of great coupons inside and useful recipes, money saving/organizing/shopping tips etc. Worth giving it a try for FREE!! Don't forget while you are on their website to browse through their free online coupons.

Ill be posting this weeks coupon matchups soon!! **Happy Easter**

Thursday, April 1, 2010

***Let your freezer bring in the $avings!!***

One major source of savings to your family can be your freezer. I know that may sound silly but when you find meat, bread, rolls and other freezable items on great discounts and sales you can portion them out, as I did above, into sizes that work for meals for your family. When you find a great deal on bread and they are B1G1 FREE, buy as many as your budget and freezer space will allow. When you run out of bread pull a loaf out to defrost or pop a few slices in the microwave for a couple of seconds and it's fresh again! This saves you future time and money.

Airwick Freshmatic for $2!!

Hey all! My sassy deal of the day yesterday was an Airwick Freshmatic! Smells great and only cost me $2!! The trick is go to to get your coupons. One of them will be a $4.00 off Airwick Freshmatic, Ultra. Then go the the Dollar General, (the one here is Waynesboro had a sale on them for $6.00!) Their regular price is $12.00. They are in the back of the store with all of the cleaning supplies and they have the regular price of $12.00 on them, but they are on sale for $6.00. Using your $4.00 off coupon, that makes it only $2.00, for a fresh home! SWEET SASSY DEAL!! Good luck!

Keep On Couponing!

Keep On Couponing!