Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New consignment finds!!

Hi!!  It has been a great month for finding consignment options both for selling and buying gently used items at great prices!!! First I found the Totswap.  You can check them out at their website or if you do not live in the area they "consign" throughout than you can google words such as consignment, children's consignment shops or stores and add your town's name i.e.  "consignments frederick, md".  This way you can join in on the fun of consigning too! 
As I was suggesting earlier, the Totswap is a consignment system that "travels" from site to site.  I believe they rent out or find new places each season to hold their sales.  They run on weekends and the consignors, that would be you and I, register with them online or by mail.  You will find that information on their website.  Once yo are registered and receive your consignors number you can round up all of your great kids/maternity clothes, decor, items etc.  and put them into the online tagging system.  Once you are finished you print out your tags, place them on your items and drop them off at your allotted drop off time/place.  I did participate and I made $94.00!!!  Not a huge amount but very good for little work and help getting rid of some unneeded items.  You can also shop there for kids clothes, toys, furniture, room decor, costumes etc.  All in ll it was a great experience and when they come my way again in the spring I will participate again!!

My next find was of Plato's closet.  You can go to to find one near you.  They are a consignment shop for the teen's and twenty's for hip new styles.  They are very picky about what they accept and they pay you on the spot for your items.  Which is different than most consignment stores where you have to wait for your items to sell in order to receive a check.  There will be on opening up in Frederick md. soon and I will be checking it out ASAP!!! 

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