Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sugarland CD only $10.15 at Borders

Incredible Machine I recieved an e mail from Borders Bookstore because I have a rewards card with them and have registered my e mail address.  They e mailed me a 40% off any cd coupon good til today.  I have recieved them before and never taken advantage of them before but my daughter and I love the new Sugarland song "stuck like glue", and whenever we get in the car she asks me to put the song on, which is impossible if you don't have it.  You just have to hope you hear it on the radio.  Well with my new coupon I decided to take her and get the newly released cd.  It just came out a day or so ago.  It's original price was 16.99 and I bought it for only $10.15.  Lucky for me I am one of the few that still read actual books and listen to "ancient" CD's.  I do not have a kindle or IPOD and do not see myself owning one in the near future.  So I will still be doing my shopping at Border's etc.  and taking advantage of the great new deals since everything now has gone digital via internet. etc.  If you are like me register your email and get in on their great coupon savings.!!
On a side note, I did browse their kids section and they had some great bargain prices especially when it came to the kids kits and crafts and baby/toddler books.  I will be in there next month for christmas gifts for sure! : ) 

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Keep On Couponing!

Keep On Couponing!