Sunday, October 17, 2010

saved $23.00 at CVS!

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers, Size 3 (16-28 Lbs), Economy Plus Pack, 204 Diapers (Packaging May Vary)I needed diapers and body wash and had some great CVS coupons.  First I had a CVS coupons for $5.00 off $25.00 purchase, then a $2.00 value of extra care bucks (same as cash at cvs).  I received my $5.00 coupon from e mail newsletter.  You can register with them online and put your CVS card number into their system and they will e mail you coupons and when you login online you can "redeem your green" as they put it, and get your extra care bucks.  So those first two coupons take $7.00 off of a $25.00 purchase right off the bat.  They had Pampers diapers 20 packs 8.99 ea.  I had two pampers coupons, one for 1.75 off and one for 1.00 off.  Next I used my soft soap body wash coupon for 75 cents off.  And the best part of that was that their soft soap body wash was BOGO!!! so for only 4.29 I got two large sized soft soap body washes!! I won't need them now for a while! : )  They also had my husbands SURE deodorant on sale for only $1.99.  And my little girl with me wanted a pack of candy for 1.50.  So I spent only $20.00 for all of this! YAY and at the end of my receipt it said YOU SAVED $23.00 THIS VISIT (with sales and coupons!)

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Keep On Couponing!