Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two cheap and Sassy ideas for kids

So the first idea for my four year old that I came up with this week was to let her "cook" in her kitchen with some dry cereal. She is always wanting to use water and that just gets EVERYTHING way too wet. So I suggested cereal. Now this may seem like a waste but if you think about the ends of the cereal boxes when they are almost but not quite gone and no one really wants to pour out a bowl cause it wouldn't fill it up enough. Yeah that's the stuff ya give them. So I had some random bags of about a half a cup each of old POPs and Smacks cereal and this kept my oldest happy for about an hour!! YAY

The second and last idea was for a birthday present. We had bought some brown wrapping paper to decorate ourselves. This is usually cheaper than the fancy stuff and can be found at the dollar tree. Well I saved my money to spend it on the present and had my four year old decorate some paper to wrap it up in. We also cut out a card, she decorated that as well and I cut some strips and gently swiped the blade of my scissors down them a few times to get them to curl. This added the finishing touch of the bow and TADA! Pretty present, not a lot of money spent. You may also use the funny paper or even left over tissue paper to wrap a present and best of all the next time you receive presents in pretty bags, KEEP THEM and reuse them. As long as they aren't all crunched up they will be good as new and you are saving money so that you can put more towards the present AND you are helping the environment by reusing and recycling! Happy Sassy Saving to YOU!

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