Monday, May 31, 2010

New Savings

Well last week was a bust with the coupon matchups and I think this weekend is as well. Now if you have a great stockpile you are doing fine but if you are still "stocking up" it's rough, at least if you are getting the paper that I have bought the last two weeks. Not many coupons at all. So here are a few shopping trip examples of what savings I have been sifting out lately.

Last weekend I went to CVS and needed infants ibuprofen. I do buy store brand and have never had a recall and from what I understand they were exempt from the latest children's medicine recall. (please correct me if I am wrong!!) Anyhoo as all you mom's know all too well the infant ibuprofen can be a bit pricey, even the store brand so with this in mind I browsed the ad to see what would make it cheaper for me and this is what I found. Aussie hair products were 2.99, with 2.00 extra bucks in reward. I had a 2.00 off coupon. So I purchased my Aussie conditioner and only paid out 99 cents and received 2.00 back. With this I purchased my 4.97 infants ibuprofen, the CVS brand and paid 2.97. Add that up and it is a whole dollar cheaper than if I would have bought the medicine alone!!! CRAZY Soo... if you need something that is not usually on sale and has no coupons there are ways to shop and have something else pull the cost down for you. Another example is one from today, I went to CVS for makeup, I was out of my CoverGirl foundation and I had a 1.00 off coupon. I also needed Pantene's new shampoo and conditioner for specific hair types, this I had a 2.00 off and it earned me 2.00 back. I purchased my Pantene products first and then put my 2.00 extra bucks and my coupon towards my second purchase for my makeup. And there you go!! more savings for what I needed.

My Martins trip today went great as well. If you got your weekend paper you would have seen the two store coupons for both festive cups and Sara lee rolls. Making the festive cups only 50cents and the rolls only 1.50. Next I had a .50 cents off any colgate toothpaste, some of the Colgate toothpastes were only 1.00 and my .50 cents was doubled to equal FREE. I also had a .75cents off any Colgate toothbrush and found a dora toothbrush for 2.50 which after doubling only made it a dollar. And Last Purina cat chow for 3.89 with 1.00 off and Betty Crocker microwaveable cake bowls were 1.59 and I had a .75 cents off coupon which doubles and makes them only .9cents!!
My next post will include my favorite websites to find freebies and great coupons!!!
Happy Sassy Shopping!!

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Keep On Couponing!

Keep On Couponing!