Monday, May 3, 2010

CVS matcups

I'm focusing on CVS this week for two reasons, there are more matchups for cvs and, I lost my Martin's notes : ( sorry. But do remember Martins/Giant, are still doubling coupons!


Tide 5.97, 1.00 off ISP (in Sunday's paper)
Metamucil 4.99, 3.00 off ISP
Russell Stover candy, BOGO, 1.00 off ISP
Dawn dish detergent .97 cents, .20 cents off ISP
Clairol Natural Instincts 5.97, 2.00 off ISP
Bounty 6.49, 1.00 off ISP
Always pads 2.97, 1.00 off ISP
Kellogs cereal 2/$5, 1.00 off wyb2,
Folgers coffee, 2/$5, 1.00 off wyb2 PWP (previous week's paper)
Listerine 3.99, 1.00 off and 2.00 in reward bucks!
Downy 3.99, 1.00 off ISP
Covergirl cosmetics BOGO 50% off , 2.50 off wyb2 ISP, or 1.00 off any one covergirl product.
Olay products 1.00 off ISP
Covergirl lash blast mascara 9.99, 1.00 off ISP, and 2.00 reward bucks!
Venus Breeze razor, 8.49, 6.00 in reward bucks and 3.00 off ISP
Secret deodorant 2/$8, 1.00 reward on 2, 1.00 off ISP
Nivea body wash 4.88, 4.00 off ISP (take this coupon to Walmart instead and get it for FREE)
Pampers 19.99, 5.00 reward bucks, 1.50 off ISP

My Sassy freebies I found today were 2 Sobe lifewaters, thanks to kitty at who links you to a BOGO coupon to use at CVS which is having a BOGO sale, which equals FREE drinks!! woohoo thanks KITTY!
Also a free regular Rita's Italian ice, from the Sunday paper. This coupon was not in the inserts it was within the paper itself on the local business coupons page.
And a free Nivea body wash from Walmart, I used the 4.00 off coupon from this Sunday's paper and got it for free because the price was less than 4.00!!!
Great day for Sassy Saving!!! Happy Sassy Shopping to you!!

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