Monday, May 17, 2010

Sewing up some Sassy Savings ideas!!

Whenever spring hits, it is a time of getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, especially with clothing. And now that it is summertime, if you are like me there is still a lot of reorganizing that can be done. Well as you and I know all too well, especially in today's world, it can be tough for a family to provide new clothing every time the season changes. Now I am not saying never to buy any new clothes, that would be sad and depressing. I am just learning how to supplement that idea by reusing what is not already too worn. A few weeks ago I decided to hem some of my daughters fall clothes to meet her spring/summer needs. Mostly all Pj's I borrowed my Mom's sewing machine and went to work. I first cut legs and arms off of the shirts and bottoms to make shorter sleeves and shorts. Then I folded them under and sewed it into place and TA DA!! New summer PJ's that cost me ZERO!! Yay!! I did this with a pair of her worn out pants as well they were too short and had become very worn in the knees. These will not be her "Sunday best" shorts to go out and dress nice in, but they are great for a day around the house playing in the sandbox and going for a neighborhood walk.

Another adventure I took on was making my own slip cover for my daughter's t.v. chair in the living room. She has a small chair, just her size, that she has had for a few years now and has become stained from the random juice and cookie spill. Therefore after much scrubbing with no progress, I had decided to take a trip to the fabric section of Walmart and pick out the material I thought suited our living room best. Then I went to work with no pattern, pins or directions just my eyes, hands and Mom's sewing machine. It is not perfect by any means but It does the job.

You can take this idea virtually anywhere around the house I suppose. I have heard of people making curtains out of sheets, putting patches on the knees of play jeans and making new accent pillows to brighten up an old couch. Whatever you may think your house is in need of, there is a way to save by doing it yourself. Now I don't propose that we all turn into "Little House on the Prairie", cute show but no thanks. But it can be fun to get creative and look for an alternative idea to just going out and buying brand new. : )

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