Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Save On Kids Cups!

I like to give my kids juice boxes, Capri Suns or a cup with a lid to help reduce spills.  To cut down the cost of all of these I like to Save our juice boxes for when we are gone for the day for shopping OR especially when running through the drive thru, Subway etc.  You can really cut down the cost when you bring your own kids drinks!  The Great Value Brand of juice pouches are only $1.97 for a 10 pk. That is 10 times less than the cost of a kid's drink at a fast food restaurant!
If you are going out to eat at a "sit down" restaurant I do not recommend bringing your own drink rather, bring the drink cup home!  The middle cup in the picture above shows one of the many cups we have at home now from when we do go out to eat a sit down dinner with the kids.  While you will be spending initially on the kids drink, you can take advantage of a nice cup that will clean up nicely multiple times in the top rack of your dishwasher. Trust me I have loads of them gathered up from the past couple of years and when they start to bend, break or wear out just throw them out.  You have more that received your money's worth out of these cups.  And they are much cheaper than buying 2 and 3pks of kids cups at the store. 
Also, the heart cup on the left in the picture above is a Walmart Seasonal cup. They usually sell for about 97cents at full price during whatever holiday is upon us. We have had Christmas and Halloween cups as well.  My kids do not mind using them all year round and I love to buy them at the end of the season they are being sold at.  For example the day after Valentine's day I bought this cup and a few more, for 50% off!!  Be sure to then head over to the dollar tree and get a pack of disposable straws for at least .97 cents less than those at Walmart and Target.
Last, there is a couple Disney/Marvel themed cups to the right in the picture above and those are cups that you can find in Walmart's Party Isle.  They are usually 97cents depending on how new they are to the isle and will also go on clearance. I love these cups for a quick snack cup for the kids. They like to eat dry cereal as a snack and their hands can fit in the top of the cup easily without their snack spilling out on the floor.
So the next time you are pouring a drink for your kiddo, keep some of these tips in mind!

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