Monday, July 22, 2013

Finding Coupons at Walmart While You Shop!!

About a week or so ago I made a quick run to Waynesboro Walmart.  When I say quick trip I mean no coupons in hand and no list except for a couple of items on my mind to grab.  Well I was pleasantly surprised when I found coupons in the isles!!  These "Peelies" were mostly in the pasta isle , all over the hamburger helpers and some of them were also on the Kraft Easy Mac making for a FREE Capri Sun 10pk. This is an awesome deal cause for $3.98 I bought 4 easy mac cups and 1, 10pk Capri Sun for my kids. Believe me, they will NOT go to waste!  And these were items I was already in search of anyway. It was like the coupon fairy granted my coupon wish! LOL 
In my pic above you can also see that I found a  Helper Deal.  This was a $.75 cents off of 1 double pack of chicken Helper. I do not usually buy any of the helpers but for the price and the deal, I thought it was worth trying the rice variety and it turned out good!
I went back to Walmart  this past Saturday and found some "Peelie" coupons on the Lunchables!  They were for $1 off when you buy 2,  I didn't get any but thought it was worth mentioning since they are also coupons found at Walmart!
Good luck on your next trip, and be sure to keep your eyes "Peeled" for "Peelies"!!!

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Keep On Couponing!

Keep On Couponing!