Tuesday, July 16, 2013

End Of Season Clearance at Target!!!

As always, clearance comes in the waves of the seasons and this years summer clearance at our Chambersburg Target is just as expected!   First my Mom and I hit the toy section. It seems that every July Target puts a load of toys on clearance! I don't mean just an isle, I mean throughout each isle of the toys!  Not EVERY toy is on clearance but there are A LOT in each isle and I was able to scarf up some toys for upcoming birthdays and even Christmas!!  I know that sounds crazy, but if you don't have to pay full price for an item it's waay worth it!  (And also less stressful come Christmas time.)

The Outdoor section had up to 70% off as well. I was able to grab an outdoor umbrella for only $21.00, That was regularly $70.00!!  They also had outdoor seating, cushions and garden supplies on sale as well. I have had my eye on the kids outdoor chairs, waiting for their markdown, but they are still full price. I think I may go back periodically to check and see if they are ever marked down : )

Also, the grocery section periodically puts items on clearance, especially in the endcaps that face the drink/water wall shelves.  In this area I found cookie mix on sale for only .98 cents!  LOVE IT!
If you have never bought food on clearance you may wonder about the expiration and think that it must be bad, but my experience is that none of them are usually ever expired or even close the their expiration date. But of course always be safe and check it out before purchasing!!

Until Next time.....

Good Luck on YOUR next Clearance Extravaganza!!

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