Sunday, January 9, 2011

Great savings at CVS

I scored at cvs today with a great deal.  Again I used many coupons, payed most attention to what earned me extra bucks back and used my first transaction to pay for my second.  Oh and your cashier will be annoyed with you from time to time for using so many coupons and making to transactions, but it's not against the rules so hold your head up high and pay attention that they don't miss any of your coupons!!!

So here is what I bought....

first transaction:  (most lysol and airwick products spend 20.00 receive 10.00 back!)
1 disinfecting lysol spray 1.00 off coupon
2 airwick freshmatic refills BOGO coupon
1 airwick freshmatic ultra 4.00 off coupon
1 bottle of Listerine 2.00 off earns 1.00 extra buck
2 bags of M&M's earned .89 extra buck
I also had a 4.00 off coupon when you make a 20.00 purchase. (to get these sign up at and register your card with their e mail and they will send them to you frequently!)
Paid out 15.00, received 11.89 total extracare bucks!!

second transaction:
1 rimmel eyeshadow on clearance 75% off! 1.00off any rimmel item coupon
1 rimmel foundation on clearance 75% off! 1.00 off any rimmel item coupon
triaminic children's decongestant 2.00 off any triaminic product
3pack kleenex tissues 3.00 ea
Used my xtra bucks to pay and have 1.89 left over to spend on my next trip!!

On another great coupon *note*, Have you gotten tired of buying your sunday paper for coupons? I know I do! so from reading other's blogs such as I found that you can ask your local gas station to save their left over sunday papers for you on mon. morning!!  That is exactly what I did this morning when buying my sunday papers!!  They agreed to save any for me for tomorrow!  SCORE!!!  That's free coupons fellow couponers and I can only say thank you to the "coupon goddess for that idea"
Another coupon extreme method to free coupons is as the does, make a trip to your local recycling center and go through the paper bin to search for you coupons.  While I respect her determination, I think my husband would be mortified for me to try that! LOL  Anywho check those lady's out, they are some of a hand full of blogs that I visit frequently to score great savings ideas.

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Keep On Couponing!