Sunday, January 23, 2011

Free Papers!! YAY

So you know how I said that local gas station was going to save me Sunday Papers to have for free on Mon. mornings!?  Well when I got in there someone else was working and didn't get the note to NOT throw them away!!!  Anyhoo they directed me to the grocery store next door.  Saying that they keep their Sunday papers around a lot longer.  So that is exactly what I did.  And they gave me what I wanted of what they had left.  So for the past two weeks I have scored Soo many free coupons I'm ecstatic!!  It's wonderful to have the multiple coupons to take advantage of a great deal x's ten or more!  For instance my kids love Yoplait GoGurts these days.  Well they have had some great coupons in the paper for .75cents off when you buy two.  The best thing of it is that if your store doubles coupons like my Grocery store that is $1.50 off!!!  So on my weekly browse, through my fav stores for what is super cheap with my coupon matchups I found my kids favorite Yogurt on sale 2/$4!!!!!  That made them only $2.50 after my coupon doubling which is then only $1.25 per pack!!  I can usually never get this yogurt that cheap so I stocked up my cart about eight packs!!  Knowing that I could stash half of them in my freezer until ready to be eaten.  SO GOOD!!!!  Another thing I learned, not all great deals are in the ad cause this one was not!    Target had some great matchups this week as well , make sure to browse their coupons every week and print the ones you know there could be a manf. coupon for as well.  When you stack these sometimes stuff comes our FREE, like my light bulbs this week.  I bought four packs for NOTHING!!  yeah, and it was the GE Reveal kind, so not cheap!!  So my experience this week with many of the same coupon, so cool and can't wait to see what deals lie ahead with all of my future Monday outings for FREE papers!!

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Keep On Couponing!

Keep On Couponing!