Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Frugal, Frederick finds!!

Bottom Dollar Food is a newer discount grocery store.  Super new to me anyway.  If you visit and sign up for their "money mail', you can save even more on their already low prices.
Papa Murphy's take'n bake pizza!!  This is a great idea!  You know how you have that favorite pizza store and you'd love to make it the way you want to in your own oven but just can't get the dough the way they do?? Well here you go!!  Papa Murphy's take'n bake Pizza is super cool.  They have all the fresh ingredients you tell them what you want on it and you "take it home to bake" !  You can "fan" their facebook page and go to their website for coupons.

Happy Sassy Shopping!

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Keep On Couponing!

Keep On Couponing!