Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday's Sassy Savings!!

There are a lot of good savings out there this week, here is what I have run across so far....

K mart

Scott 6 mega rolls paper towels on sale for 5.49 - 1.00off in sunday's paper/
Pedigree 40 lb bag for $18- 2.00 off coupon ISP(in suday's paper)
Loreal Conditioner/treatment 5.99 ea. 2.00 of ISP
Gain 150 oz detergent 14.99- 1.00 off ISP
Kellog's cereal 1.88- 1.00 off when you buy two (from last weeks paper)

Maxwell House Coffee 5.99 - 1.00 of ISP
Lunchables 10 for 10 - 1.00 off coupon = FREE
Kunzler bacon BOGO (4.99ea)- 1.00 off coupon when you buy two ISP
Rhodes frozen rolls 3.89- 1.00 off when you buy two ISP

Rite Aid
Kellog's cereal 1.88- 1.00 off when you buy two (from last weeks paper)
Schick razer packs 7.49- 4.00 coupon ISP
Huggies Goodnites, Pullups or Jumbo pack diapers 8.99- 3.00 off coupon from

Schick instore sale coupon for 6.99- 4.00 off manf. coupon ISP
Crest Whitestrips in store sale coupon- 1.00 off manf. coupon ISP
Mitchum deoderant 1.99- .75 off ISP
Loreal excellence creme hair color in store sale coupon for 6.99- 2.00 off manf. coupon ISP
Store coupon 2.00 off Nestle Goodstart & Enfamil
Maxwell House coffee 5.99- 1.00 off coupon ISP

Pampers sale 8.99- 3.00 xtra reward bucks with perchase
Loreal Makeup, buy one get one 50% off- 1.00 off coupon ISP
Crest Whitestrips, get $10 xtra bucks with purchase- 10.00 off manf. coupon ISP
Kleenex .97!!
Listerine sale 3.99- 1.00 off coupon
Prevacid sale 25.99 - 4.00 off coupon

Walmart Savings
-Pepsi and Mtn. Dew are being sold in four packs for 1.00ea. I realized this is cheaper to buy them this way instead of a 12 or 24 pack. Buy as many as you need to equal 12 or 24 pack, each way you save .98 cents. by not buying the large pack.
-Baby wipes are only .98 cents when you buy them in the small baby section in the soap isle. They are in the blue pack on the bottom shelf(Pure n Gentle, fragrance free)

As I find more weekly savings online etc. I will post them!!

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Keep On Couponing!