Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Save Money on Back To School Basics

I know it is still only July but when the stores begin to put out the supplies I grab up what I need from each of my kids' school lists.  This year I will have two in elementary school.  It seems the older they get the more they need and when you double that, you have things like four packs of Expo markers on your list!  "Expo" is a specific brand of dry erase markers.  They run from $2.97+ depending on the count and style of marker you need.  When you need to buy four that is at least $12.00! Just for MARKERS!!  Craziness.  Anyways.....I'm not brand loyal, if it works, it works right?  Walmart did not have very many options of markers other than Expo and Crayola.  Not even a generic or store brand.  So I bought the items on my list that I found at reasonable prices and to do so I did not limit myself to the "back to school" isles.  I went over to the office supply isles too!  There I was able to find red pens for a little more than a buck, cheaper highlighters and a better price on glue sticks.
I also looked through the Dollar Tree to check for any items I needed, I bought Gallon Zip Top bags and Post It Notes.  The reason I didn't buy more is that I can find a folder for 15-30 cents and a 24pk. of crayons for $.25 cents at Walmart.
After the first School Shopping Trip, I had about 75%  of what I needed, so when we went to the $1.00 Movies at the Hagerstown Theater yesterday I decided to check Target's selection of dry erase markers, and they had another brand for cheaper!  "Board Dudes Dry Erase Markers" only $2.00ea.  Thank You Target!! lol  I would not have driven 30 min just to save a dollar per pack but since I was already across the street at the mall, it paid off to take a look.  All I have left to buy is Tissues and for that I have a small stack of coupons to use at The Dollar Tree and my list is finished. : )

So to recap, keep these things in mind...
1. Shop Around and take your time
2. Start Early
3. Don't be brand loyal
4. The Dollar Tree is not always cheaper
5. Check the stores nearby any upcoming errands or trips you may be taking

Good Luck!

I always think of this commercial at this time of year...

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