Thursday, July 24, 2014

Eat Better For Less!

Chicken Sandwiches

Chicken Spaghetti Casserole
  These days I have been not only looking to save money on my grocery bill, but trying to choose meals that are lower fat and calories as well.  At first it seems difficult because of course it is much easier to focus on one goal at a time than two.  Usually you are on a mission to "Save Money", "Eat Healthy", "Lose Weight", "Spend Less".  When you pair two of these together they can sometimes work against one another.  For example, there may be a huge sale on starchy snacks this week which helps my wallet, but a bag of apples would help my waist. LOL  Now you can see how this can be a challenge.

For the past couple of weeks I have slowly made an attempt to be cautious of both causes.  Save Money. Eat Better.  With that in mind I started with chicken Breast.  A huge pack from Save A Lot  as well as a carton of chicken broth or Stock.  Add that to the crock pot on High for 6 - 7 hours and you have the base of a few healthy meals or lunches for your week.  I have a few ideas I used pictured in this post. All I did was take take the chicken out of the broth of the crock pot and shred with a fork.  It was sooo tender and juicy!  Next I divided chicken into portions for my planned meals.  
Chicken Fajitas!
Here is what I made this week:
1. Chicken Salad Sandwiches , Just add Chopped Onion and Light Mayo, Spread on Sandwich roll or bread.  
2. Chicken Spaghetti Casserole Use reduced fat soup and cheese, and I sprinkle cheese and reduced fat crushed Ritz Crackers on Top and heat in oven for a few minutes before serving. (you can use bread crumbs too, but I rarely have those on hand lately) 
3. Chicken Fajitas, Saute Chopped Onion & Peppers in pan with cooking spray, add cooked, shredded chicken, packet of Fajita Seasoning to your taste and 1/2 cup water, heat thru and serve on tortillas with reduced fat shredded cheddar and fat free sour cream. 
4. Corn And Chicken Chowder I used skim milk and reduced fat shredded cheddar.
5. Chicken Paninis- Okay, so I do not have a panini press BUT I have a waffle maker and next week I plan on using my shredded chicken with some roasted tomatoes and peppers, reduced fat cheese, Spinach on whole wheat bread, maybe some store bought pesto and making a yummy warm and toasted, "Panera Like" Sandwich" : ) This Recipe was my inspiration
5. Shredded Chicken Wraps  You can use any lunch meat really, any mustard, low fat mayo or fat free cream cheese, lettuce, spinach, chopped tomato and cucumber  YUM
6. Chicken Parmesan Sliders This recipe has mini chicken breasts, but I plan on using the shredded chicken.

So for now, I am on a "Shredded Chicken Kick", for its healthy qualities, as well as it being an economical purchase when buying in bulk at my favorite store.

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