Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Free Meal at Chick Fil A On Friday!!

I totally love this deal! On Friday July 11th. you can get a free meal for dressing like a cow!  Head over to Chick Fil A with your best Cow outfit and eat FOR FREE!  Here is the link to a "Printable" outfit of items you can tape onto your clothing to be more "cow like" : ) Be careful though, if you only come with a "cow accessory" such as just the ears or only a couple spots, you will only get a free entree.  I love this deal mostly for the kids, they have a great time and it doesn't cost me a dime!  I usually go to the Chick Fil A in Hagerstown, but there is also one in Frederick in front of their Target.  Good Luck!

Here is an old pic of my kids about to get their free kids meal, Summer 2012!

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