Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some great savings today!!

So I was super excited to find some great deals at some of my favorite stores!!  I pulled off 2 free packs of yo crunch yogurt by pairing 2 manf. coupons with one store coupon, 1 free gallon of milk, large jar of smuckers for only 50cents! and some other random good finds.  Love getting what I need for super cheap!    One thing I learned today, when checking out the smuckers fruit spread/jam/jelly prices, was that the bottom shelf with the bigger jar was on sale for cheaper than the smaller item at eye level.  So definitly compare those prices! 
On another couponing note, that extreme couponing show on tlc is tonight.  I missed it last week so I plan on watching last weeks and tonights.  I did see online that there was a big controversy over one of the ladies last week using coupons in a fraudulant manner.  Supposedly she uses coupons on items that are not included or even related to the products listed on the coupon!!!!  First of all how do you live with yourself cause that is stealing, and second how does this even happen??  Sometimes I have trouble with a coupon being redeemed at the register when it is clearly for the item I am buying?!  How can she pull this off. I am still confused but I definetly have to tune in to figure that out.  Any way, I love coupons, I love to use them correctly and i hope there arent others like her out there going to ruin all of us "good couponers's" fun! lol

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Keep On Couponing!

Keep On Couponing!