Sunday, April 17, 2011

Great Target Coupons!!

Iconic Puppy GiftCard - $50Once again I must say how I love Target.  This is the only store that has a great variety of generic/store brand item coupons!!   That is putting a coupon to an already low price.  Right now my favorites are out to print and you can go back and print a second if you like them as much as I do!!  $1.00 off 60ct or larger up & up diapers, $1.50 off of two frozen chicken items (you can buy nuggets or frozen chicken breast tenders etc.!) , $1.00 off two market pantry refrigerated orange juice (we go through orange juice as quickly as milk and cereal around here!).  Also another great one for this time of year is the $1.00 off three greeting cards, with mother's day, birthday's and Easter this is a good one to print twice and take advantage of some great savings cause those cards can add up quickly.  The last two that I really like right now is the .50/1 toilet paper or paper towel pack and the $1.00 off 20ct or larger up & up trash bags.  Both of which are hard to find on sale plus coupon to make it cheaper than generic.  Plus even though these are store brand  I think they are of great quality, better than some of the name brands I have used in the past. 
We browsed Target today just for the fun of it, and made a small purchase of a few odds and ends and I received a FREE reusable Tote!!  Yay!  I will also be making a trip to CVS where they have their bag tags on sale for .99cents with .99cents xtra bucks back so its like FREE.  If you are not familiar with the bag tag it is a tag you put on your reusable bag, and every time you shop you have the cashier scan it, (it has a little bar code) just like your cvs extracare card.  This "bag tag" will will earn you one buck every fourth visit.  So if you shop at CVS on a weekly basis like me you will quickly earn bucks just for shopping!!   woohoo!

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Keep On Couponing!

Keep On Couponing!