Saturday, March 29, 2014

Vidal Sassoon Shampoo For Only $.47 Cents!! What!? Yeah!!

 This week I was seriously in need of shampoo! My stock was completely gone!  So I headed to Walmart with my shampoo coupons and spotted this deal. I was able to score Vidal Sassoon Shampoo for only $.47 Cents!!!  Yay!  And this is a good size bottle too, not a trial size.  I also bought some Herbal Essences Conditioner and hair spray.  (You can't be too brand loyal when you coupon, or the deals will not be as plentiful, unless its makeup of course!)
Anyway, Most of the Herbal Essences products run only $2.97 at Walmart, Versus the almost $5.00 at CVS this week, so again Walmart is the place for shampoo at the moment ; )   I had a $3.00 Off When you Buy Two coupon and that was like a BOGO Deal for me and so i popped them in my cart too!  So for less than $3.50 I was able to stock up on some much needed hair products!!
Since we are talking about hair, I have been in serious need of a hair cut, it was getting waaay too long, especially for my hair type. But I was not going to splurge on a hair cut if I didn't have to so I turned to Youtube! I always cut my daughters hair and also buzz cut my son and husband's hair. So why pay for mine either right? I watched videos on how stylists show you how to cut your own hair.  Now I don't recommend that everyone do this, you definitely run the risk of messing up your hair and that's not joke, but I went for it and it turned out great! One of my best hair cuts I've had and I will probably continue to cut it on my own from now on.

The last great deal I found was at CVS. (Not hair related lol)
I knew they had coke 12pks on sale for $3.00ea. and I had a store coupon for $3/$15, Plus a store AND manufacturer coupon that combined would get me a free razor plus $1.50 towards whatever else I bought. (This is called overage in coupon lingo)  Next I needed children's Zyrtec for my kiddos.  They were on sale for Buy 1 Get 1 50% off!!  With all of these deals together I bought two bottles of Zyrtec, two coke 12pks and one Venus razor for only $9.15!!!!!   One of the best trips I've done at CVS in a while.  So keep your eyes on those sale flyers and buy your papers at the dollar tree on Sundays for your weekly coupons!!!!!

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Keep On Couponing!