Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trying some new couponing tools, "savingstar" e coupons and couponsthingsbydede !!

I'm all about new ways to save and this week I have tried two new things!  So I've been into this coupon thing now for well over a year, not EXTREME couponing just a little better than your average beginning couponer.  NO I don't have a stockpile of 500 deodorants and 250 salad dressings. However I do have a few extra condiments, toiletry items and cereal stashed in cupboards to last over a month. 
Like any new hobby it wavers with enthusiasm.  Sometimes I get annoyed with it.  Sometimes it feels like too much work. Sometimes it takes too much time to do in addition to running a house with two kids.  But sometimes I am really on my game.  Today I did very well at CVS!!!  I bought two 12 packs of Pepsi, Herbal Essences conditioner, shampoo, hairspray and hair gel, two softsoap hand soaps, one soft soap body wash and a box of Uby Kotex.  All for only 9.00!!!!!!!  I used 8 coupons! and a total of $6 in xtra care bucks to do it!  Yay!  At least it doesn't take a lot of money to make me happy! : )
So back to my point, Lately I have discovered two new couponing tactics to try that have sparked my renewed energy in couponing.  Don't get me wrong I have been using coupons through my recent lull of interest but now I am re energized with these two new ways of obtaining coupon savings.

The first is You may have already heard of this and I have been seeing it around in my favorite blogs and such but now that I have a smartphone and have added the app. I am totally into it.  Anyway this is a program that you can use on your phone or online to load your rewards cards such as CVS, Giant Eagle, Weis etc.  Then you go through and activate your available coupons and when you shop at your stores and scan your rewards card it will not take money off of your total but put in into your savingstar account to be redeemed later for money in gift cards or paypal. 

The second new thing is I have also heard of this coupon clipping service and have been skeptical to use it because it feels too EXTREME.  But there are limits to how many coupons you can order. And I only want a few at a time so, as suggested by a new friend, I tried it out and bought about 50 coupons this week for only $5.00.  This was great because when you buy a paper for $2.00 you may like only a few of the coupons in the inserts, on you can pick and order the exact coupons you like and know you will and can use!!   The best thing about this is that I am waiting for when I am going to combine these two new great savings strategies with a new sale!!!
For example I buy purina cat food for my cat.  I ordered $1.00 off coupons for it from the clipping service and on I activated a coupon to give me $2.00 back when I buy one! So I will get a total of $3.00 off and If I am lucky I will find it on sale for around $4.00!  And if I am even more lucky CVS will have it on sale with reward bucks on it to make it an even sweeter deal! We'll see. LOL  So I hope any of this may help anyone else currently in a "coupon slump" or just trying to vamp up their couponing style. Good Luck!!!

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Keep On Couponing!